We are Team RMG

Robust Design of complex electronics is our forte. Integrating them with complementing mechanics has been our hallmark. We have been around for quite a while now, Since 1990; to be precise. Providing innovative solutions to the process industry. In the realm of Integrated Electronics and electro mechanics. We custom design electronic controls and systems manufacture them under our own brand and OEM brands as well. Many a creation has become import-substitutions. At a fraction of the original cost!! Many others have become multi-unit substitutions. Saving on space, time and cost.

Our Designs

We have the best of brains In both electronics and mechanics. We employ cutting edge technologies. Also state- of- the- art product design techniques. We nurture close ties with the Centres of Technological Excellence who guide us on the path of innovations throughout “Team Design” at RMG – a coherent whole under a single roof, Adopts a process approach to be fool-proof. Robust designs are churned out real quick. Replacing many an imported device in its wake.!

Our Creations

Quite chequered a product range we have patented ones and ones under review.

  • Intelligent Actuators
  • Position Transmitters
  • Electronic Positioners
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Mimic panels
  • Signal isolators
  • Signal multipliers
  • LVDTs
  • RVDTs.

And a host of others right behind all these in multitude of variants.
A Product range that spans across multiple domains of applications

  • Process control
  • Building automation
  • Fire safety
  • Power supply

And across diverse industries

  • Power electronics
  • Petroleum refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Power Stations
  • Oil rigs and Pipe lines.

Products tested against stringent standards during design phase. Again, thoroughly throughout incoming, in-process and final release. Not just for performance brilliance, but for safety features too, 100% for key aspects there too.
Irrespective of the industry where used. Our creations have a common thread running through: “robust design that is innately intelligent, safe and smart”

Our Hub

10000 SFT plus sprawling manufacturing facility that we own here in Bangalore.
With all facilities that are in need

  • Well laid-out Design Division,
  • Fully equipped electronic assembly lines,
  • CNC machines, Wave soldering machine,
  • Environmental test chambers,
  • Ultrasonic cleaning machines,
  • Burn in Testers,
  • Incoming, in-process and final inspection stations,
  • Well – equipped mechanical work shop,…
  • Generators,
  • Fume extractors,
  • Fire fighting paraphernalia,
  • Electronic surveillance gadgets, etc.

Our Systems

Our abilities are translated into business processes That are administered through the PDCA-‘Plan Do Check Act’ route. Business management system at RMG is ISO 9001:2015 based Certified by IRCLASS. Not just a certificate this to hang on our walls.. But a tool to take our business to heights unscaled.

Our "We"

Our people – our real strength And their loyalty a big thrust We are a team of 50 plus Engineers,Phd’s, Technicians,Accountants,Technical Assistants, Trades men/woman all there… Forming together a wholesome team! Chasing together an awsome dream!!

Our "Way Forward"

Spreading our wings to fly across the global skies To reach out to the new vistas that are unflown still Have identified domains that we are to traverse next. Automobiles, Robotics, Aviation, Solar Electronics, Industrial, Automation And many more to follow fast…

RMG is set to redefine mechatronics To provide you – our customer, the integrated controls That belong to a distinctly different genre; A genre that’s aptly christened as Redefining Mechatronics Globally.. ie RMG… to say it in Short…!